Good to know facts

I hand cut, hand assemble, and fire all of my own glass. It is properly annealed for strength. Each kiln firing takes a minimum of 8 hours and can take up to 12 hours. The only exception to this is the recycled glass. I use a variety of glass, all of which has the same co-efficiency of expansion or COE. This is important, if incompatible glass is used, it will eventually break. I use some dichroic glass; this is the glass that sparkles. The dichroic coating was originally developed for NASA. Dichroic glass has micro thin layers of metal oxides, which give the glass optical properties. This dichroic coating is applied to the glass in a vacuum chamber.

Each piece is one of a kind, there may be some items that look very similar, but no two will be exactly the same. It is inherent for handcrafted glass to have some small imperfections such as bubbles, or color irregularities. These imperfections give the glass personality. The photos that are posted on this site were taken with a very good camera at a high resolution. Many of the imperfections that show in the pictures cannot be readily seen, otherwise the piece would have gone to the scrap pile to be reincarnated. These pieces are not gone, they just get a “new” life. Glass continues to amaze me. Glass has definite properties and behaviors which we as artists try to control. Yet it is always a surprise when we open the kiln.